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Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer  

With over 40 years of experience ALCAN Law Firm
was founded in 1973, during the course of its 40 years history, law firm has become one of the leading law firms and a point of reference in the legal field in Turkey, with a well established international reputation for excellence in its many fields of expertise. Alcan provides comprehensive legal services to companies, institutions and governmental authorities, whether Turkish or from overseas.

Acting for the real estate and construction industry's leading players, we advise on the full range of real estate-related transactions. We are at the heart of the real estate sector offering advanced and intelligent advice that complements the way our clients work. We represent, among others, developers, lenders, investment banks, pension funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), national and international investors, and major corporations in connection with construction and real estate-related matters.

We offer a full range of services in areas including acquisitions and disposals, construction, financing, hospitality and leisure, land use, planning and development, leasing, environmental law, insurance and tax. Real Estate and Construction

 Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer The law firm's diverse practice areas encompass all major areas of the law including: 

Real Estate Law and Construction Law, Turkish Energy Market, Privatisations in Turkey, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Investment in Turkey, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Business Law.

ALCAN has built a strong reputation for providing progressive advice by anticipating and preparing for changing economic and business conditions. As our clients have become more active domestically and globally, Alcan has expanded to meet their needs. Since establishing the firm in Istanbul in 1973, Alcan has become an integral part of Turkish business community.

Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer

Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Sukuk income to be injected to giant projects

The total volume of global sukuk issuance was around USD 90 billion in 2011, whereas the same amount was achieved during the first six months of this year. Meanwhile, Qatar hit a record issuance worth a total of USD 4 trillion in July, and the size of the Islamic financial services sector is expected to reach USD 2.8 trillion by 2015. Turkey, which has so far lagged behind in the sector, is now taking the first step to close the gap.

Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Istanbul’s 3rd airport

The third airport to be built in Turkey’s megacity is expected to be put to tender before the end of this year, according to the head of the infrastructure department of Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and Communication. Domestic and international interest has been building up since the announcement of the USD 6.5 billion project last August. 

The first section of the airport consisting of 3 runways and 3 taxiways with a 100 million passenger capacity terminal is planned to be operational by 2016. To be located in the northwestern part of Istanbul, the new airport will accommodate some 150 million passengers annually once fully operational.

Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Rating upgrade to channel foreign investments to Turkey 

Turkey’s regaining of investment grade status after 18 years will bring in more foreign investments, both direct and portfolio type, particularly from the Far East and North America, industry analysts believe. As merger and acquisition (M&A) activities are picking up speed, Turkey will see the real benefits of the rating upgrade within a time frame of six months to three years, with a projected FDI target of USD 32 billion.
According to economists and analysts of the international consultancy firms, Turkey will witness a number of foreign investments within a scale of USD 20-200 million in the near term. As global trends suggest, the rating upgrade by Fitch is a boost to increase the number of investments measured in the billions. An increase of 25 percent in foreign investments to a recently upgraded country within a couple of years, is usually the case.

Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Turkey eases law governing property sales to foreigners 

The Turkish Parliament has passed the long-awaited draft bill that eases the restrictions on property purchases by foreigners. The lifting of the reciprocity principle enables the citizens of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and other surrounding countries to own real estate in Turkey. The reciprocity principle, in effect up until the adoption of the new bill, only allowed citizens of certain countries that have granted the same right to Turkish nationals to buy real estate. The limits to a piece of land that a foreign national can possess is also raised to 30 hectares (300,000 square meters) from 2.5 hectares (25,000 square meters), according to the new law. This limit can also be doubled upon authorization by the Council of Ministers.

Eagerly anticipated by Turkey’s booming real estate and construction sectors, the amended law is expected to at least double the amount of property investments in Turkey, hovering at around USD 2.5 billion annually.

Turkish Lawyer, Turkish property lawyer Wind Power Turkey websitePartner: Alcan

Turkey to become one of the biggest players in the wind energy sector

According to Christian Kjaer, Chief Executive Officer, EWEA, “Turkey could be among the top three producers of wind energy” and “has a predictable and attractive market for wind energy investors”. Wind Power Turkey, the premier Turkish wind energy event and the third annual congress of the Turkish Wind Energy Association, produced with the government support of the Turkish Prime Ministry, EUAS, TEIAS, EIE & TETAS, has become the official meeting place for Turkish and international wind industry leaders, who recognise the potential growth and opportunity for the wind power industry in Turkey.

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